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Marinda van Harskamp is very professional and has deep knowledge of multi-national company’s operation worldwide. She has unlimited capability to learning business process and can always contribute great ideas to improve the efficiency and effectiveness. Her intuition, independent insights, simple and sharp elaboration always inspire people to achieve more and better results. At the same time, Maranda has unimaginable passion in supporting and developing other people’s competence and capabilities. I personally has been moved and encouraged by Marinda, and believe all her colleagues and customers could enjoy working together with her.
Sarah Su - Former Managing Director IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd

Marinda was my coach in my role as a Business Navigator at the IKEA store where I worked. Before we started working together, I never thought that coaching would add anything to me. But Marinda has shown me, quite quickly actually, the power to ask myself the right questions and to be more aware of my own strengths and how I can consciously use them more often. The coaching sessions with Marinda have provided me with useful insights and resources for both my professional and personal life.

Bas van Doremalen - Financial Controller 

 Marinda is a fantastic coach and person! I have heard her coach at several occations, using the big tool-box she has in a very effective way. She is a warm and creative coach and has an unique ability to be supportive and challenging at the same time. Marinda is very flexible in her coaching and follows the personalities and needs of the clients.
Anja Lindberg - Coach- and Leadershiptrainer, CBT Therapist, CEO Coachutbildning Sverige AB

I had the pleasure to work with Marinda on MBTI and team development on several occasions. I found Marinda very professional, well prepared and above all her natural warmth and ability to relate with others meant the time we spent together with the team was very worthwhile. My team found new ways to understand each other and improve how they worked together (I had a very large and geographically spread team so this was no easy feat!). As a manager it gave me better insights to my team and helped me to coach individuals in a more meaningful way and build my relationships with the team. I would definitely recommend Marinda if you are wanting to help your team develop themselves and the team dynamic.
Jane Montgomery - former HR Manager IKEA Group

What really stayed with me is that in the beginning of the coaching Marinda wanted me to describe the result of the coaching. Where do I want to be when the coaching ends? That was very good and therefore attracted me to this result. It still works and I am now also making great progress towards my goal: to be able to market my own EVKS model. During our collaboration I really made the choice to go all the way and to fully focus on developing the EVKS model.
Jeanine Hamaker - Developer EVKS motivation model - JEH Coaching

Marinda is a caring and patient MBTI trainer who spends a lot of time and energy guiding us through the MBTI assessment for an individual or group setting.
Liang Wai Chan - CIPP/E, CIPT Privacy Project Leader and Certified Translator Dutch/Chinese, Chinese/Dutch

When I think about Marinda, there are 3 things popped up in my mind: Super straight-forward, passion with what she loves and a speaking partner who never makes the conversations boring! I know Dutch people are famous for being straight-forward, someone hates it, but I love it! Speaking with Marinda, you may fully enjoy the beauty of being straight-forward. She is always well prepared, then she gives you her input with specific “5W1H”, open for discussion and never hide her opinions. This makes our conversations so simple, concentrated and efficient! Since we met, I knew she has completed her first book about Accounting! She loves to share with us  her strong belief in the trend of digitalized and automating finance and accounting. So when I know that she finally decided to start up her business in this area, I’m happy for her and I’m also happy for you, who is reading this. Because, the person who is helping you, is doing this with her full passion, nothing is more trust-worthy than this! Marinda is also an interesting person with many hobbies and insights about life. I am not sure whether part of the reasons is that she is also a certified professional coach, who is good at listening and building up the connection with people. Who does not like to make a friend with someone who can understand you, respect you and inspire you? That’s my impression of Marinda! I hope you have the opportunity to get to know her, and she may find a role to inspire your job or your life!
Joyce Zhu -  Business Development Manager IKEA Centres China and former Finance Manager IKEA Centres Holding BV

In my role as Business Director Nordics for a financial services provider, I have worked with Marinda for years to full satisfaction. We have set up a major global project for IKEA together. During the preliminary phase and during the collaboration, I got to know her as a highly expert and reliable partner who knows how to manage expectations clearly. She speaks clear language and keeps her promises. I have also seen during jointly organized round-table sessions that she is a gifted speaker who knows how to inspire her audience.
Bart Schreuder – Business Director Nordics Transparent